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  1. Define /Structure
    Colours Categories and sub categories Must-Have features Weights and importance Labels Percentages Marks out of X Dynamic Maximum
  2. Capture / Mark
    Item by Item Super grid Type in values Check boxes 3 and 5 Radio Buttons Star ratings Excel import IQ Mode - Excel Import
  3. Analyse / Score / Rank
    Summary Detailed Percentage Weightings Weighted Sub-Categories Outcomes Sorting - Up and Across Top "n"
  4. Visualise / Chart
    Grids with stats Traffic lights / Heat maps Bar charts - Multi-Page Radar and strength charts Bubble charts Animations
  5. What-if
    Follow key items Ignore items and reasons Hide items and reasons Colour code Cloak values Pseudonymise Export to Excel
  6. Publish (Beta)
    Copy and Print Share whole PC App with Data Embedded With / without advanced features Your branded image Annotations Interactive benchmark