Because everyone makes decisions...
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Our Pedigree
 After 25 years experience in Big Data and Business Intelligence I have always felt the last few yards of a   decision is left to the decision maker on his own - There was no tool out to help draw everything together.
In 2000, during my MBA at Henley Business School, I came up with the kernel of an idea - which became BusinessBubbles - At that time it was just to do one-off 2x2 diagrams / bubble charts albeit one that spreadsheets could not do.
I then had a golden nugget momment -  90% of users cannot even use a pivot table let alone things like ODBC or do data definitions whilst the data itself comes from all direction and - Why not do something about it - its not about pretty charts or widgets its about enablement.
So the heart of the approach is keep IT out of the picture and let normal decision makers get any data they want (and I  mean any data including ideas, conversations, books, TV shows)  and start doing some sensible analysis in just a few hours including self-install.
I do hope that you find BusinessBubbles productive, intuitive and great value for money - I'd love to hear about your successes.

Our  logo is based on targetting the green zone of possible selections.

It reflects the origins of the product - 2x2 diagrams / Bubble charts too.
BusinessBubbles has been designed for decision makers to use - So you click and get results.
It is also engineered for minimal disruption so you can run it straight from a USB Disk.