Because everyone makes decisions...
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Everyone makes decisions…
      Are they always the best?
Are they made quick enough?
How much time / effort was needed?
Can your decision withstand scrutiny?
Every CV is unique.
Yet great candidates are filtered out on arbitary things like education from 20 years ago.
The best never get through the door.
Recruitment manager's time is precious.
How prepared are you at the interview?
Do the candidates become a blurr?
The best candidate turns you down.
Management query your logic.
New skills arise too late in the process.
Time pressure.
Multiple solutions.
Most information is in your head.
Many sources of Data.
IT snowed under - can you wait?
Can you afford to trust your gut?
How can you share your approach?
Can you easily tweak what's key?
Deadlines published.
Tenders sent out. 
Committees are lined up.
More companies respond than expected.
New "features" are discovered.
Relative importance changes.
Committee members snowed under.
Vendors request reasons for rejection.
Divide one-trick ponies from generalists.
   Superior Decison Making

Single space for all the facts.
Rapid ranking and scoring.
Smart visuals - click and go.
Discipline and structure.

Self-service - no need to wait for IT.
Share the analysis not just the results.
Rapid turnaround.
Interactive not static results

Publish (beta)
Print and copy results.
Generate App pack to let your colleagues and clients explore the same numbers as you without changing the facts.
Handles the stucture of a decision based on reconciling inputs with choices.
Includes categories and sub-categories, max marks, hi-is-bad and click and point interface.
Ranking and traffic-lit grids.
Intelligent analytics.
Weighting and prioritisation.
Rich and intuitive charts.
Animated bubble charts/